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We specialize in helping to solve the problem of Corporate Life Coaches being discovered and being considered as authorities in their clients’ industry, by using our unique CCAP framework.

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Soumyadipta Das

We notice that our clients really dream about watching their calendar fill up with appointments, hiring a sales team, having their revenue skyrocket, having plenty of cash in their business checking account, and turning down clients because their services are in too high demand.

but it is our experience that this is not happening because of the following 3 simple paradigms.

Low visibility / exposure

Without a proven strategy/system to achieve proper exposure to qualified prospects, your efforts can only be described as a hit or miss. Without a specific sub-niche, coaches cannot write the tide of the one of the most powerful economic forces – Desire. This result in a generic marketing, and NO demand generation.

Not perceived as an authority

Not focus on solving a specific problem for a specific person. Not knowing the PAINS and the DESIRES of your clients in your specific sub-niche, makes you a jack of all trade and master of none. You can never be perceived as an authority, as a generalist, thereby being perceived as generating very little value and therefore commanding low or marginal fees.

Overwhelmed by
so-called marketers'

With only a sketchy knowledge of Digital marketing, you end up generating mostly prospects that are only curious or prospects who are only interested in selling you their gimmick. Lots of efforts to only attract so called marketers, not interested in your business proposition.

Without knowledge how digital marketing really works, you are only spinning your wheels and not getting nowhere. It is very frustrating and overwhelming. It is also very much time consuming and costly.

Now, if you are facing these paradigms, I have good news, these paradigms are completely avoidable and reversible, if you just learn and follow the right process.

At Executive Coach Advantage, we are client-obsessed, helping people who specialize in coaching executive, succeeding by filling these gaps.

The truth is Digital marketing is simple and can be implemented and understood in a relatively short period of time, developing fast, predictable, cost efficient business growth.

We spend last couple of years dialing in a process that just works! So, why not YOU? Why not NOW?

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